Jessica + Megan Engaged

So the story begins…

As we are both very close with our families, we decided to flip flop Thanksgiving and Christmas each year with our families.  In 2016, her family got Thanksgiving and mine got Christmas.

It was Christmas morning, my sister and her fiancee, Mom and dad, Jess and myself sitting in a circle.  Everyone was in on the proposal.  My mother plans the number of gifts perfectly so us “kids,” nobody gets left out.  One present at a time and around the circle we go. (bear in mind, Jess may be the corniest person, I’ve ever met 🙂  )  The time is growing closer, the last few gifts remaining – Jess opens Radish love and giggles at its corniness.  We keep going around the circle and back to Jess… my heart racing – I slide down to one knee as she finishes opening the last present (she’s reading and doesn’t really notice).  The picture reads, “Honeydew you want to marry me?  – ‘Yes, but we cantaloupe!”

Again, she laughs – then the ah ha moment as she realizes that I’m on one knee and…. of course, as I begin to speak, my voice quivers and I begin to tears grace my cheeks.

As they say, the rest is history.

All the best, Megan & Jess.

Photographed By Megan Gulino | Buffalo Engagement Photographer